3-2-1 Pork Ribs with the Beard

3-2-1 Pork Ribs with the Beard

There are a few things in this world that compare to the wonders of owning a majestic beard. I mean let’s face the facts here, beards are what distinguishes men from boys. If your “man” does not have a beard, it may be time to trade that model in for a real one. But do not take our word for it, listen to what these amazing people have said about beards throughout history:

“Beards are what bring joy and peace to mankind.” - Ronald Reagan.

“If only I had a beard.” Julius Cesar

“True Enlightenment can only be attained through the bearded one.” Buddha

“My meat would taste so much better if smoked by a bearded smoker.” Aaron Franklin

It is also extremely important to note that these quotes are 100% made up, however, it is also important to note that they are true. Today I am going to focus on smoking Ribs using the 321 method and trust me, I am the bearded one. One of the greatest pleasures one can put in their most is the moist and juicy baby back pork ribs. I am partial to the flavors that are created with the perfect spice blend married with the right amount of fat and meat of a perfectly selected baby back ribs package.

  1. Picking the Right Ribs - I typically buy my ribs from Sam’s Club but have had great success when shopping at King Soopers. Every time, the majority of the packages of ribs are great and can be smoked to a delicate perfection. Don’t worry, picking the right package is not as hard as picking the right watermelon. As long as the ribs have a true pink color and decent amount of fat you are good.
  2. Rinse and prep - Open up your ribs and give it a good rinse under the water. Dry off your ribs with a paper towel. I rinse and dry to allow the mustard to better adhere to the ribs. Typically, there is a membrane that MUST be removed. Sometimes the butcher will remove the membrane but most of the time, we have found that the membrane is left on. It is only on the bone side and once you get a piece of it, it peels off similar to taking the screen protector off of a phone.
  3. Apply a yellow mustard to the entire rib. And I mean everywhere. No the ribs will not taste like mustard, typically the mustard flavor is a beautiful match to the spices that you will apply. Mustard can match perfectly to a sweet, smokey, or spicy mix just fine. Like I said get that mustard all over those ribs.
  4. Spice your meat!!! The spice you choose says a lot about you as a smoker. Are you the guy that just goes to the grocery store and picks up the economy size spice, do you buy from a spice blender, or  are you an adventurist and try to create your own blends? I tried the store bought stuff, they were good don’t get me wrong, I also tried making my own, also it was ok. Where I really found love was when I found NOCOBBQ.com. The spices from NOCO are FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC! The newest spice mix is called Mind Blown and it is amazing.
  5. So spice your meat. Get that spice all over those ribs. Personally, I do not like to see any rib, just spice. I like the spice to create an oven like barrier around the meat. This is what helps the meat render with the fat and become that true fall of the bone amazingness.
  6. Smoke! I use a pellet smoker from Pitboss-grills.com because I have a life and can’t watch to make sure the temperature is perfect all of the time. These smokers are perfect for the hobbyist or the expert. Smoking is a combination of science and flavor. You have to reach the perfect temperature for the fat to render, the meat to get buttery, and to not burn down your backyard. These smokers take the guessing game out of the equation and let you focus on what you should be focused on, your meat!
    1. 3 - I use the Smoke setting but you really want the temperature no greater than 180 degrees for the first 3 hours.
      1. At a temp around 180, place your ribs on the smoker meat side up.
      2. Avoid directly placing over the heat source.
      3. Do not open the lid. Just let these guys cook for 3 hours.
    2. 2 - Increase the temperature to 225 degrees. Take the ribs off and prepare them to be placed in a tin foil wrapping and place them back on the smoker for 2 hours. This is probably the most important step. You are trying to create a convection oven that way the moisture can get trapped in the meat. I also add a shit ton of butter during this step to help enhance that buttery flavor the ribs bring.
    3. 1 - Take the ribs off of the smoker and out of the foil. During this step you choose if you want a dry rib or a sauce rib. I prefer dry ribs so in this step I will create an apple vinegar spray and just soak the ribs on the smoker. If you want your ribs sauced, then this is a good step to sauce them and put them back on the smoker.
  7. After about 30 - 60 minutes these ribs are ready! Remove them from the smoker and let them rest until the rib can be handheld. Usually just a few minutes. You are looking for an internal temperature of around 200 degrees.ribs, ribs on the smoker, smoked ribs, 321, bearded smoker


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