About Us


Freedom Beard USA Clothing and Apparel for Those Who Serve

Founded by two Combat Veterans Freedom Beard USA serves to better our community by giving back to organizations focused on Veteran Mental Health, Suicide Prevention, Public Safety, and Type 1 Diabetes Research.

Established during a dumpster fire of a year plagued by everything but the black plague, Freedom Beard USA wants to bring hope and a few laughs back to the world. We at Freedom Beard USA serve those who serve and support our communities by donating to causes which support Veterans and Public Safety as well as supporting Mental Health, Type 1 Diabetes Research, and Suicide Prevention. Seriously, whatever happened to the murder hornets?

We are a verified Veteran Owned Business with Veteran Owned Business. 

Between the two of us we have spent over 24 months in Iraq during the Global War on Terror, conducting hundreds of combat missions, and have served our country and communities for over 20 years.


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