Five Classic Military Films Veterans Don't Hate 

5. Flags of Our Fathers

"No, I didn't hear nothin' about no masturbating papers"- Franklin Sousley

Clint Eastwood and Flags of Our Fathers don't suck because they took a hard look at the grunt's experience during the battle of Iwo Jima. Flags of Our Fathers doesn't stop at the gripping action scenes from the battle but what life was like as the men who rose the U.S. on top of Mount Suribachi, who then leave the battlefield to play a part in raising money for the war efforts. Paraded around by the government, these men's next mission is to sell war bonds, all while dealing with the horrific events that lead to their fame.

4. Fury

"Best job I ever had!"- Boyd Swan

Fury tells the tail of a Sherman Tank crew outnumbered and outgunned as they are pushing through Germany as the war in Europe is coming to an end. The tank crew is fighting against all the odds and struggling with the FNG in their war-hardened crew. Fury isn't a war glorifying Hollywood action flick but a gritty film that shows heroes don't always live and that the good guys do things that may not be as morally upstanding that people would believe they are.

3. Lone Survivor

"It's not a cursed op. There's no curses. It's just Afghanistan, that's all."- Marcus Luttrell

Who doesn't love a good Navy Seal movie? Unlike Charlie Sheen in Navy Seals or Seal Team 6, Lone Survivor tells the incredible true story of Lt. Micheal Murphy on a kill or capture mission in the mountains of Afghanistan. The team who created Lone Survivor did so with fantastic realism for anyone who has served in Afghanistan. Like the other films on this list, Lone Survivor deals with the real and tough decisions that we can relate to as Veterans as they deal with knowing that they either have to kill these young men who have stumbled upon them or let them go and likely alert the Taliban of their presence. They make the tough but right decision to let them go, and then the Seals have to fight for their lives as the Taliban surround them.

2. Saving Private Ryan

"You can tell her that when you found me, I was with the only brothers I had left. And that there was no way I was deserting them. I think she'd understand that." - Private Ryan

Saving Private Ryan probably doesn't even need a reason to be on this list. It is a visual masterpiece capturing the French beaches and countryside as Operation Overlord began on June 6th, 1944. The attention to detail in this film is unparalleled from the uniforms, weapons, equipment, units, and historical events. The characters in this film struggle with their give mission as it tests their morales and commitment to their brothers in arms. The men tasked with saving Private Ryan have to deal with the loss of their friends but must continue on their mission. They also similarly to Loen Survivor they have to struggle with letting men go who they know may come back to kill them.

1. The Patriot

"Aim small, miss small." - Capt. Benjamin Martin

The Patriot captures the salty war veteran's genuine emotions as COL Martian struggle with his demons. As the revolutionary war breaks out in the colonies, Martian wants to remain neutral, knowing what a war would cost him. The Patriot, at its essence, captures the Solider's experience from the pain of loss to having to leave everything and everyone you love. The Patriot is the perfect blend of drama and high-intensity action.